Writing on the go

If you've ever run into me, chances are, I've just finished jotting down a snippet of dialogue or some inspired narrative -- I write everywhere.
Because of my other two gigs as a mother of two boys and a PR pro, I write whenever and wherever I can. Sometimes I get the luxury of writing while sitting, propped up, in bed with my laptop. And then there are times when I can carve out a few hours to head to my local library for a quiet, less distracting space where I dream up my characters and their romantic escapades.
But the truth is most of the time, I'm writing on the go. And to be honest, that's the way I enjoy creating my stories most.
I like to jot down those bits of inspiration pop in my good old hard cover notebook  while standing in line at the grocery store, waiting for the kids to finish their swimming lessons or in between writing a social media post and filming a corporate video. But when I’m feeling more technologically inclined, I like to pull out my iPhone and tap out ideas in my Evernote app, which at this moment contains more than 300 notes covering Kira Metallurgist’s first thoughts after meeting Tai and Gannon to Liandra Ambassador’s inner struggles as she falls in love with Rhoan and attempts to reclaim her father’s legacy.
For me, writing isn’t something I can or want to schedule in; I allow it to flow and inspire me whenever it can and wherever I am.

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