Wonder Woman in Love!

An Inspired Way to Describe My Books

For part of my childhood, my family lived in Hamilton, Ontario (in Canada). During this time of my life, between reading Sweet Valley Twins books and Bop! magazine, I loved watching reruns of a lot of 1970s TV shows, like Three's Company, The Carol Burnett Show and Wonder Woman -- you know, the one with Lynda Carter as the lead.

I loved Wonder Woman.

I thought Lynda Carter was the most beautiful woman in the world!

Thinking back, what attracted me to Wonder Woman was how invincible she was while still exuding unapologetic femininity. She was sexy and powerful at the same time -- Wonder Woman could do and be anything! And she did all while keeping Steve Trevor hanging on as a romantic interest.

Years later, I've come to realize how much the female protagonists in my novels, so far, reflect those same characteristics. 

I was recently asked at a book expo to describe my novels, and I gave my regular description: "They're provocative romances about women who challenge the status quo." 

The person asked me with a smile, "So ... no damsels in distress?"

After a moment's thought, I laughed and replied, "No. More like Wonder Woman in love!"

And as soon as I had said that, I realized just how accurate that description was. 

I've always enjoyed reading anything as long as it had a satisfying ending. But now, as a romance author, I can see how my writing romance novels leans toward stories about women who, even while striving to overcome almost insurmountable challenges -- and do overcome them, fall passionately in love at the same time.

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